The Evolution of Catastrophe Response

Deskimate is the most efficient solution to settle claims in a rapidly transforming industry.
By leveraging tenured licensed adjusters and advancements in technology, Deskimate’s “outside of the box” model delivers unprecedented results on key performance indicators: cycle time, indemnity accuracy, and reduction in allocated expense.

Focusing on wind/hail catastrophe events, Deskimate leverages technology and customized processes centered around human experiences and policies. Intentionally agile, Deskimate is built to evolve with our clients’ appetite to explore and adapt value-added technology.

Deskimate's model empowers carriers to reallocate resources, focusing on optimizing their employee and customer experience.

Deskimate provides quick, accurate estimates based on third-party, carrier staff, and virtual scopes by licensed adjusters.

  • Third-Party Scopes
  • Carrier Scopes
  • Digital / Virtual Scopes
  • Xactimate
  • Symbility
  • Customized claim solutions available

Proven Results, Backed by Trusted Data

Deskimate’s team of insurance professionals consistently outperforms the industry standard across the board. Results benchmarked through XactAnalysis:
Up to
90% reduction
in time from inspection to estimate

IA Industry : Estimate Return after inspection to 4 days
Deskimate: Estimate Return after inspection < 1 day

In an event with a top 10 U.S. carrier yielded a 90% reduction in inspection to estimate time — the most important marker in the claims lifecycle.

Evolve Your CAT Response Today

Leverage Deskimate's experience to customize your "outside of the box" CAT solution.We deliver comprehensive insight to build sustainable digital eco-systems, with workflow centered around human experiences. Deskimate will tangibily impact your Enterprise KPIs; increasing retention (employee + customer) and profitability.
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