CAT Solutions Powered By Human Intelligence + Technology

Deskimate leverages Human Intelligence and technology to customize unique CAT solutions.
Understanding your organizational structure, needs and culture is our first step in developing a strategic plan for your CAT Response. Deskimate’s model has proven to outperform industry standards relative to cycle time, indemnity accuracy, and reduction in allocated expense.

Deskimate is not only a solution — we are a strategic partner. Our team has decades of carrier and independent CAT leadership experience, fueling our drive for efficiency and outcomes that create a superior customer experience.

A Sustainable, Scalable Solution for Property Claims

Deskimate is a sustainable, scalable ecosystem allowing you to outsource the entirety of your wind and hail catastrophe events. At the center of The Deskimate Ecosystem is our team of tenured adjusters, powering the digital infrastructure that streamlines claim processes from start to finish.

Deskimate handles the full property claims lifecycle, including estimate writing and TPA services. Our tenured licensed adjusters can work within your system, handling claims from first notice of loss through final payment.

Property Estimate Writing

Our tenured adjusters write quick, accurate estimates from virtual scopes, carrier scopes and third-party scopes.

Estimates from Virtual Scopes

Some claims handlers are preparing for the digital future — Deskimate delivers it now. Our staff have the experience and expertise to write accurate estimates from virtual scopes, leading to reduced cycle times and lower indemnity.
Digital claims show tangible impact on CX
“…overall satisfaction scores among such customers is 33 points higher than among customers who used no digital tools in the claims process.”
JD Power and Assoc. 2022 Property Report

Estimates from Carrier Scopes

Carriers who want to maintain the personal touchpoint with insureds, can leverage our customized scope tools and workflow. Deskimate will return the estimates in 48 hours or less.
“The fact that a claim may be the only touchpoint a customer has with an insurer can make this element crucial to retention and growth.”
Deloitte 2021
Preserving the human touch in insurance claims transformations

Estimates from Third-Party Scopes

If you have a process that works for your organization, Deskimate can take a supporting role. Our tenured adjusters can write estimates from third-party field inspections or contractors estimates and photo. By streamlining the claims process, we allow claim handlers to focus on higher-value work.
“However, insurers that succeed will… streamline claim operations… thus creating capacity for claim handlers to perform higher-value work such as handling more complex claims or providing support to the customer in their moment of need.”
McKinsey – Claims 2030: Dream or reality

Estimate Software Integrations

Deskimate estimators are skilled in both Xactimate and Symbility. Established workflow through XactAnalysis and ClaimsConnect.

Partner with Deskimate

Deskimate is the better way to settle claims in a virtual world — and the data proves it. See why we’re a trusted partner for the complete property claims lifecycle.
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