Deskimate is the missing piece.


Our licensed adjusters complete estimates from scopes, returned in less than 48 hours.

Deskimate significantly decreases cycle time by more than 50% over the traditional IA model.

Improved Indemnity Accurate

Deskimate’s estimates, as benchmarked through XactAnalysis, are leagues more accurate than the industry standard. Why? Because experience pays off. 

With an average of 16 years of experience, our estimators have been on roofs, negotiated with contractors, and understand coverage. They’re our super power.

Deskimate is a return on investment, not an expense.

Deskimate’s financial impact is multi-faceted. Compared to the traditional model, Deskimate reduces your average allocated expense, while also driving down indemnity below the industry average.

Allocated Adjusting Expenses:

less than traditional IA average

Indemnity, Average Claim Value:

less than traditional IA average

Deskimate is not only a solution

We are a strategic partner. Our team has decades of carrier and independent CAT leadership experience, fueling our drive for efficiency and outcomes that create a superior customer experience

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